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Intention-Nourishing Facial

This is for all first-time receivers.  By exploring such things as your environment, nutrition, stress and skincare products, this allows me to customize treatments based on  what your skin is communicating . Allow plenty of time for a full hour of a nourishing treatment designed specifically for you.

90 minutes -  $175.00

Theraputic facial

This facial is customized specifically for you and is offered following your Intention Facial. A space is provided for you to leave the outside world behind and step into time only for yourself.  You will be able to truly relax as we listen to what your skin is communicating and work towards healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

75 minutes- $155.00

skin consultation

This consultation will help you find the best treatments and products for your skin goals.  After a quick cleanse, I will take a close look at your skin and share my findings! We will discuss your concerns and goals, and I will do my best to answer any questions you have. Best part is, if you decide to purchase products totaling $50 or more, your consultation fee will be applied towards your purchase!

30 minutes- $50.00

Gua Sha jade Facial

This is a dynamic anti-aging facial therapy that uses a jade stone to mimic the benefits of acupuncture and acupressure along with all-natural herbal products to instantly lift, smooth, sculpt and release tension in the skin.  This facial is recommended for 6-10 weekly treatments and additional daily home care.

Treatment Options

  • 60 minutes - $155.00 single session

  • Package of 6- $930.00 (includes your own Gua Sha tool $239 value)

  • Package of 8- $1116.00 (saves 10% + Gua Sha tool)

  • Package of 10- $1395.00 (saves 10% + Gua Sha tool)


Dien Chan Zone© - italian facial

The Beauty Treatment. "Balance inside, beauty outside..." This is a unique treatment  designed to tone facial muscles, improve skin function and appearance or wrinkles. Dien Chan Zone© comes from Vietnam which has been adapted and westernized in Italy.  It supports symptoms in the body by stimulation of specific zones on the face. Using gentle stimulation of selected tools or light touch of your finger,  this treatment is uniquely relaxing as it repairs and prevents imbalances. This treatment is offered to all that have previously had an Intention-Nourishing Facial.

What to expect during your treatment:

  • Together we will discuss your symptoms of imbalance within your body and choose the most important to begin targeting during treatment.

  • Treatments take place with the receiver lying comfortably on a massage table with their head facing upwards. Many fall asleep, others enter a deeply meditative state.

  • After an initial protocol, there is an investigation of zones, micro-zones and points of interest identified on the skin.

  • Specific areas in question are worked and stimulated with delicacy, presence and for  longer period of time. Throughout the treatment we are researchers; we search and discover our receivers area that is “blocked” and creating an imbalance.

  • After, you will receive a custom face map for self massage to take home to continue your progress at home between visits for 21 days..

Treatment Options

  • 30 minute treatment + 30 minute consultation + Custom Face Map for home use (60 minutes total - $95)

  • 45 minute treatment + 30 minute consultation + Custom Face Map for home use  (75 minutes total - $120)

  • 60 minute treatment + 30 minute consultation + Custom Face Map for home use (90 minutes total - $150)