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hello! My name is kari.


I’m a wife to my amazing husband, mom to three kiddos and two fur babies.

My passion for skin started over twenty years ago when I was studying health education at the University of New Mexico. I had a part-time job working for a dermatologist and quickly became fascinated with skin. I decided to join Bellas De Artes, which was at that time an Aveda concept school.

My base training was influenced by holistic health, using a lot of essential oils. For the next decade, I completed my training and worked on and off between my kiddos for a large group of dermatologist and at a day spa in Santa Fe, NM. 

 After moving to Tennessee, I went to work for a group that was led by a plastic surgeon.  I began to notice people with acne, eczema, and rosacea were suffering with low self-esteem because of the smallest imperfections.  At that point I found myself wanting to dig a little deeper and start asking more questions. I was going back to my roots in holistic skin health.  

While I had a general knowledge of the ways in which diet/lifestyle affected the skin, I wanted to learn more! That is when I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Since then, I've also continued my studies with people I respect most in the "green beauty" industry from the West Coast to Milan, Italy.

I like to call myself a Wholistic Esthetician. The “W” encomposses the entire mind, body and spirit of my receivers.  Our skin is a mirror and reflects what is going on inside our body.  I have spent years learning how our emotions, mood, food, relationships, stress, balance, and even finances show up on this beautiful organ called our skin! I believe a strong relationship between myself and my receivers is invaluable. Accumulation takes time and commitment. I  am here to listen, educate, support and guide my clients on their journey to skin they love.

I hope to meet you soon!